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We never knew our crops like this. We loved partnering up with Absolute team who not just helped us double our yield but also enhanced quality of our crops and led us to greater profits.

Arun DevakiNandan
Farm Owner, Kasauli

Pawan from MGS introduced us to Absolute. From start they have been very helpful - Seeds, Crop Inputs, BioPesticides, Irrigation - we have reduced expense in everything. They advised us with varieties to grow, basis our soil and farm health. Daily task list is very informative and makes our lives much simpler.
Some of our members had given up on their greenhouses after successive losses but with their support all greenhouses are now operational and thriving as well.
Team helps with all issues - Seeds to Market. All our members over 1100 acres work with Absolute now.

Tayyab Hussain,
MV Farmer Producer Company

Absolute team works on the filed with us like one of our own members. They spent a lot of time with us in the beginning and proved that they can help us grow more.
We were initially sceptical - like at one point, the team asked us to trim our capsicum plant - but I trusted them and our yields were actually 20-25% higher than last year.

Arun Kumar - MGS