Building more resilient healthier communities

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27th November, 2020

Building more resilient healthier communities

Food is a critical building block of life. By 2050, approx. 10 billion people will need 70% more food than today. Over 2 billion people may lack access to safe food. This in a world where obesity has more than doubled since 1980. Tons of food gets thrown every year and never reaches the plate. This is not just a loss of food, but loss of water, energy & land. Clearly something is not right with the modern food system.

Absolute is building the world's largest precision farm network closer to consumption centres & adaptable to harsh realities of weather. Through its proprietary Universal farm operating system which works across greenhouse, open farm and vertical farms, Absolute is enabling safe food cultivation, year round. This ensures optimal consumption of critical resources like water and also ensures better nutritional value in the crop. This is backed by a state of art R&D practice intersecting plant biology, photochemistry, AI and hydrology. Absolute is extending its research and is setting up the world's largest plant science research facility. At absolute, we believe food has an enormous potential in uplifting the lives of people, communities and the planet. It's recent pursuit in r&d is to strengthen that resolve.

At Absolute we are driven to create an abundant human future. We aim to build a world with higher farmer profitability, environmental sustainability and better consumer health. The future is Absolute.

"The gap between rotation of crops was big and required lots of water. After joining Absolute, the rotation gap is minimised and we save a lot of water. Yield by far is the best, even without using any chemical fertilizer!!" --- by Arun Sharma, Sonipat Farmer

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