Building World's Largest Precision Farm Network

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13th November, 2020

Building World's Largest Precision Farm Network

Precision agriculture farming is transforming food systems of the world. By combining AI, IoT sensors, Plant Science, Hydrology, Microbiology; Absolute is democratizing precision farming into an easy to implement, easy to follow food production system. Majority of farmers in developing countries are smallholders who have, for long, been alienated from agricultural advancements due to complexity issues.

Absolute's aims to democratize precision agriculture for all farmers, across all type of cultivations, through a full stack agronomy approach. Backed by its revolutionary iGrow system, a dynamically adjusting, always learning, easy to implement solution that brings the collective power of technology, data science, agronomy, hydrology, weather intelligence, and biology in a solution as simple as a daily to-do list and converts any open land farm into a tech enabled precision farm. Absolute open land farms have witnessed a 10-30% cycle over cycle improvement in yields, grade and quality of the produce, using far fewer resources than before.

With each production cycle, Absolute&10s system keeps getting smarter, more efficient and more precise. With 25000 acres, 8000 farmers and 9 states, Absolute is just getting started. By democratizing the industry & leveraging a highly efficient network of farmers, Absolute is leading a movement of positive transformation of global food systems.

The world's largest precision farm network - Learning and improving through all it's members and collectively winning market share. How's that for a network effect !

Join us to turn this movement into the next green revolution at !

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