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Current Openings

Chief Scientist

Collaborate with the data science team to develop insights into the biography of soil born pathogens, biological makers of soil health, and the sensitivity and specificity of analytics built from genomic datasets.

Research Associate, Field Trials

As a Research Associate, your will have the responsibility to ensure implementation of the trial plan in changed market scenario, local conditions and competitions, work in close coordination with HO team, collect all observations & deliver it to the DMs and help your team to analyse data in a better way.

Research Associate, Entomology

Manage in-house trials in Green Houses and understand the insights of why and how a farmer uses our product ahead of the launch and the challenges and opportunities about it

Future is

We never knew our crops like this. We loved partnering up with Absolute team who not just helped us double our yield but also enhanced quality of our crops and led us to greater profits.

Arun DevakiNandan
Farm Owner, Kasauli