Developing New Standards for Farming - Nourishing Microbes

Nourishing Microbes


4th September, 2020

Developing New Standards for Farming - Nourishing Microbes

Microorganisms are the major promoters of the nutrient cycle for the root system of plants by transmitting nutrients, controlling pathogens and maintaining plant health. Its amazing activity and biochemical versatility, especially the roots of growing plants, show great potential for beneficial microorganisms, improved biotechnology technology, plant control of wild plants and increased food crops. Many microorganisms are beneficial to plants, including nitrogen-fixing bacteria, Endo and ectomycorrhizal fungi, plant growth-promoting bacteria and beneficial fungi. In the same symbiosis as the arbuscular microscopic symbiosis millions of years ago, some activities consist of complex communication systems, while others are the products of roots and other rhizodeposition used as substrates for soil microorganisms.

Biodegradation plays an important role based on contact with soil and plant pollutants, as the degradation of organic compounds in the rhizosphere is facilitated by plant root expression and enzyme release. There is great potential to replace synthetic biological chemistry in the area of expanded microorganisms. Microbial activity is also a good indicator of soil damage and ecosystems, as it is an important and delicate component of soil. Utilization of microorganisms for biological display drives and sustainability for soil management depend on the development of an understanding of microbial ecology on a field scale. It is advisable to understand that increasing the dynamics and potential of soil biology to improve the ability of soil ecosystems to regenerate for sustainable agriculture.

Absolutes microbiology team has been working for several years to understand and sequence symbiotic relationships of some microbes of specific plants. This allows Absolute to control pest and disease problems through new uses of knowledge and improve sustainable agricultural systems for global food production and green technology.

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