Elevating Lives of Farms & Farmers

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20th November, 2020

Elevating Lives of Farms & Farmers

Farmers across the world have faced consistent challenges of unpredictable yields, personalised precision agronomy related inputs and making their farms naturally more resilient to pest attacks. Absolute's path breaking plant science innovations are aiming at solving those problems precisely.

Absolute has pioneered sustainable growing technology across diverse plantations - open house, green house and vertical farms, across a range of horticulture crops. Both traditional and urban growers see increasingly reduced requirements for synthetic chemicals and pesticides. What that does is improve the overall long term health of their farms. Farmers are seeing substantial reduction in the cost of cultivation while clearly seeing an increase in productivity as well as quality of the produce. This directly translates into better income and long term profitability both for farms and farmers.

Absolute has been testing the efficacy of its solutions across multiple agroclimatic zones. The results have been very encouraging and the team is extending its growing capabilities across the new more diverse crops..

As our chief agronomist says: "Absolute - For People, For Planet!"

"Absolute food has made us stronger both financially and mentally due to which my family is healthy and happy and my kids are getting proper education" (changed to English) – Quoted by one of the farmers.

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