Ensuring Optimal Growing Conditions With Crop Recipes

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11th September, 2020

Ensuring Optimal Growing Conditions With Crop Recipes

What if there was a combination of systems that constantly captured all of the data in your body on a daily basis and automatically made adjustments to what's cooking in your kitchen, portion sizes, timed your water intake and automatically adjusted your workout equipment - just constantly created ideal conditions for your body to be at it's best shape. At all times . Possibly even remove the need for any medicines, antibiotics and drugs. Our lives and those of people who cared for us would be a lot less stressful right ? And a lot more prosperous ?

What if we told you that something like that exists, albeit just for plants and crops that you eat ? Wouldn't that just mean the best food available on your plate - devoid of any chemical residues from pesticides, agro-chemicals and a lot more tastier & nutritious ?

Well it does exist and that is exactly what Absolute Crop Recipes intend to do for the food that we eat. At Absolute, we are building a dynamically adjusting, intelligent system that creates the optimal growing condition for any plant, that is growing in any kind of environment and in any kind of cultivation by continuously gathering available data and adapting to changes in -

1. Nutrition : The diet plan for each field. We know what plants like to eat and when! We also know how they optimize distribution of available nutrition across their body.

2. Environment : The ideal living environment for the plant, specific to its variety. We measure and control over 400 data points - pH, EC, TDS, OD, humidity, water pressure, crop stress, wind pressure amongst other parameters to optimize for best crop growth.

3. Interaction : We know when and how plants interact amongst themselves and with their environment. By dynamically adjusting Ethylene, Co2, chlorophyll concentration, chlorophyll fluorescence, thigmo and other parameters, we always know how happy our crops are !

4. Light : Contrary to popular belief, plants do not always like bright sunlight. Well, some of them don't. We understand what plants see and how! We also know when they want to sleep. By adjusting PAR Values, PPFD and other photo parameters we make sure our crops have no visual stress.

Absolute currently has these Crop Recipes for 63 different crops, across all types of cultivations ( land, greenhouse, controlled environments etc ). After years of research combined with agronomy, data science, machine learning, IOT and real time data on the farms, has enabled Absolute to find the precise benchmarks on each parameter that affects plant growth.

At Absolute we are democratizing the access to this technology for each of our network farmers. And in a way that's easy for them to understand and implement. By collecting and processing farm data in real time, Absolute's iGrow platform creates an easy to implement task list on a daily basis for farmers to implement, and in some cases where available equipment allows us to do so, automatically perform remote actions such as irrigation, fertigation etc. This ensures that our farms are constantly in near perfect condition for growing and make the most optimal use of resources. The results show for themselves with upto 30% higher yield per acre, better grade, taste & nutrition profiles and lower use of resources.

Healthy plants, healthy food !

Reach out at info@absolutefoods.in to get started.

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