Farm to Fulfilment - Fully Traceable

Fully Traceable


30th October, 2020

Farm to Fulfilment - Fully Traceable

Absolute started with an idea of a shared future where people and the planet could survive in harmony. Today Absolute farms deploy the best in class technology to ensure traceability and safety across every growing step in the agricultural process. With a wide range of crops and a large precision farm network, Absolute has enabled access to better looking, better tasting residue free produce across the year.

Absolute has developed a completely traceable platform where every activity happening in the farm is captured efficiently, which not only helps in operational efficiency of functional tasks at the farms but also helps in informed decision making. The continuous innovations happening at Absolute have made farming so efficient and easy that the farmer can manage their farms with a click of a button - ensuring higher productivity and increased income for the growers. Large food corporations across the globe buying directly or indirectly through Absolute have benefited from this technology intervention.

Absolute's team is consistently working to improve the existing product and build a better safety net for the buyers. We feel that more than technology it's a moral responsibility to ensure that populations across the world have access to safe food.

Agriculture looks different today - our farmers are using mobiles to monitor their farms which is proving to be more effective and productive!! - says a FPO owner associated with Absolute.

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