Fostering Research to ensure production consistency

Production consistency


9th October, 2020

Fostering Research to ensure production consistency

With increase in the global food demand and extensive environmental pressure on agriculture, there is an increasing need for agriculture systems that are sustainable and resilient. Absolute research and development team is working extensively on scientific research touching on all aspects of farming systems, from analysis of agronomic efficiency to discovering useful microbials and biologicals to development of sensors & automation systems.

Absolute's research team is working tirelessly in fostering research that will ensure consistent produce throughout the year to meet the global food demand. Absolute R&D team is seen making constant efforts in developing food safety metrics, diversification of crops, adequate use of land and water in order to ensure there is enough food for everyone on the table.

From building a high-tech research facility to the use of advanced technologies and techniques, the brilliant minds at Absolute have been able to integrate technology with farming methodologies and develop a farmer friendly location specific production system that can be implemented globally. Not only it reduces human efforts drastically, it also ensures the continuous supply of healthy food products, irrespective of the external conditions.

"Absolute practices the philosophy of continuous improvement. Getting a little bit better every single day!" - says the R & D Head at Absolute.

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