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6th November, 2020

Goodness of Absolute

Have you ever heard your grandmother saying how food in their times tasted much better than it does today? It can be perceived as a feeling of nostalgia, but if we think about it, it's factually correct. It has only been a generation since the green revolution got the entire food system to change. Our food may not be infested with pests as it grows, but it certainly contains harmful chemicals from pesticides and chemical fertilizers. As a consequence, we have created a monoculture in farming and have been losing a variety of foods and their taste, texture, nutrition ever since.

Over a period of intensive pesticide use and genetically modified foods, we are alienated from the essence of real food. For example, we can't find heirloom tomatoes at groceries anymore. Absolute is driven by the motivation to revive the flavors we have lost, the texture that we can't feel, the goodness that doesn't impact us anymore ' and all of it in a sustainable, healthy way.

To undo what the green revolution has done to our food, Absolute innovations deconstruct the entire value chain to deploy effective, sustainable solutions at each stage of horticulture production. From seed selection to harvest, Absolute monitors 100+ parameters for quality assurance and yield consistency. As a result, we cultivate foods that are exponentially better in regards to taste, texture & nutritional value. Without using any harmful chemicals in its entire lifecycle and continuously monitored for any missteps, there is an added comfort in complete traceability and validation.

Healthy plants, Healthy Produce - the Absolute Guarantee begins here.

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