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25th September, 2020

Open Farm

Over the last 3 decades, agricultural productivity particularly in developing nations has seen mediocre 3-5% YoY increase despite tremendous advancements of technology. As it stands today, for most developing nations, the average productivity per acre of land stands between 20% to 40% of developed nations - most of which have majority of population & resources employed in Agriculture. The dichotomy in productivity between so called "Agriculture Nations" vs Developed Nations couldn't be starker.

So what ails these Agricultural nations? While there are other factors, in our view, implementation of newer technologies, infrastructure, inputs and agronomy practices are the major factors. The farmers are willing and capable to invest in upgrading their farms, the governments even incentivising the same and yet, little by way of progress has been achieved. The answer in our view lies in proper full stack implementation of technology, crop inputs, agronomy, infrastructure in one cohesive, easy to implement solution.

Well, that's what we aim to implement for open land farms in our network through Absolute's full stack agronomy solution, backed by our revolutionary iGrow system. This dynamically adjusting, always learning, easy to implement solution brings the collective power of technology, data science, agronomy, hydrology, weather intelligence, and biology in a solution as simple as a daily to-do list and converts any open land farm into a tech enabled precision farm. Absolute open land farms have witnessed a 10-30% cycle over cycle improvement in yields, grade and quality of the produce, using far fewer resources than before.

25000 acres, 5000 farmers and 7 states later, we can confidently say, we are just getting started. Join us to turn this movement into the next green revolution -

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