Phytology, Photochemistry and AI to understand Plant Biorhythm

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18th September, 2020

Phytology, Photochemistry and AI to understand Plant Biorhythm

Most living organisms on this planet have an inherent awareness of time. Did you ever wonder time could be important to Plants too?

The circadian clock genes help plants to understand what time of day it is. But what does this mean to agriculturists though?

When it comes to productivity, humans seem to have specific time when they can perform certain tasks to maximum efficiency. Plants aren't too different either. As someone who's raising them, it's important to know how their biological time is synced with their environment. Absolute is using AI, phytology, and photochemistry to understand a plant's needs & biorhythm.

At Absolute, we aim to create a perfect world for plants through holistic research. This means analyzing all their needs & ways to fulfill them either naturally or through biomimicry. From the spectrum of light they need to ideal temperature, water inputs, microbial support for immunity & nutrition, Absolute's R&D facility is pioneering interaction between plants & its surrounding life & non-life forms. . By creating this mutually supportive relationship, we enhance our stance with the greatest ally for human life.

Having a sense of what plant's need & when they need, can significantly transform their efficiency & output. This is not an easy task to accomplish. For one, plants' cellular clocks drive the expression of nearly 1/3rd of their genes. This affects things like sugar building & photosynthesis. Attending a plant's needs at just the right time can go a long way in increasing yield and keeping your plant healthy & happy in general.

Plant biologists at Absolute study real time data to monitor & analyze plant behavior. For example, a plant needs protection against hungry pests in the morning. So they will respond better if offered with protection at that specific time of the day. Absolute scientists study a variety of plants to understand their needs in regards to water, pest protection, and so on. In a world that uses 70% of all freshwater into agriculture, using it in calculated portions can boost sustainability as well.

The use of AI, phytology, and photochemistry enables Absolute's R&D to simulate a perfect environment for plants. Circadian rhythms may have a deeply positive impact on agriculture and there's still a lot of potential to discover. But keeping track of the natural order of a plant's life is more than just about profitability. It'ws a giant leap forward in the relationship that we have with them & in our understanding & perception about how they go about their lives!

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