Transforming Food for Future

Food For. Future


4th December, 2020

Transforming Food for Future

About 800mn people go to bed hungry every night. Approximately, 700mn people fall ill every year because of eating tainted food. And about 2bn people suffer from micronutrient deficiency. This is a world of 7.8bn people. By 2050, there will be 10bn of us! We radically need to transform our food production system - grow more & grow better without costing our Planet! Absolute, does just that.

Absolute started with an idea of a shared future - where people and the planet survive in harmony. Absolute has been developing groundbreaking plant-science IP through years of Deep R&D intersecting Plant Biology, Microbiology, Hydrodynamics, Artificial Intelligence & Engineering. This enables Absolute growers to radically Better Yields, Grade, Flavor & Nutrition across diverse plantations - Open Farms, Greenhouses and Vertical Farms. All this while being an Environmental Champion exponentially reducing carbon footprint & the need for any synthetic pesticide or chemicals.Today Absolute has mastered optimal growing recipes for about 200 different types of fruits and vegetables.

At Absolute, we believe that food has enormous potential in transforming the health of nations, communities & our planet. Today, Absolute is building the World's Largest network of Precision Ag Farms growing and serving unparalleled experiences to growers and food corporations across the World.

Yesterday I thought food for the future was near, today I see it happening at Absolute ! - by Mr. Ajit Kumar, Agri Scientist at Absolute

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