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Upaj - World's First Universal AgCloud ecosystem

An operating system by definition is a piece of software that manages hardware, software, common services & resources for any system. It provides for different systems, hardware or software to talk to each other and is highly adaptable for different conditions & environments. Much like our brain - which acts as the OS for our body.

The Upaj by Absolute serves as the central nervous system at each Absolute farm, offering each farm individualized, specific attention at scale. It works by collecting a number of data points on an hourly basis from a number of sources including but not limited to IOT devices, sensors, hardware systems and satellite sources, which in turn feed into proprietary machine-learning algorithms that are interpreted by the iGrow system in real time. This underlying layer of data as well as the system's ability to integrate a plethora of infrastructure and hardware components make it a truly adaptable universal OS that works across any kind of cultivation - a simple open farm, a greenhouse or a sophisticated indoor vertical farm.

The machine learning engine in turn churns out what we call Crop Recipes - essentially a benchmark of data ranges for each parameter that we observe between which the plant grows the best. So, how do we know what the best recipe is for a crop to grow its best ? Machine-learning algorithms are constantly searching for this answer. These recipes get smarter with each crop cycle, gaining a deeper understanding about the conditions each crop truly needs to thrive across specific cultivations and also learns the impact each of these parameters have on each other. This poly-variate data science is what makes Upaj adapt and respond to any growing condition and adjust recipes to make sure the system is always working toward the most optimal growing condition for the crop. The recipes with the highest success are then scaled automatically throughout our farms.

The adaptability and versatility of the Upaj is further made truly accessible to the farmers by it's ability to translate the sophisticated analysis into a list of daily actionable tasks as well as automate systems and hardware where available.

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