Why Full Stack Agronomy Solutions are the only way forward

Fullstack Agronomy


16th October, 2020

Why Full Stack Agronomy Solutions are the only way forward

Over the past few decades, farming has been subject to numerous rapid technological advances. Many successful, but barely a few achieving the promised potential at scale. While farmers have been aware of many of these technology & biological advances, their ability to harness the full value of these has been limited.

Why, you ask ? More so, in this age, where internet & data penetration is so high even in rural areas and many if not most farmers, truly leveraging Whatsapp & UPI payments? The answer lies in the fact that most of these solutions have been piecemeal - solving just one problem in the entire value chain. And then there are choices across each step of the value chain. This information, rather, solution overload has led to more confusion and as a result under or over utilization of resources. The burden of making the right selection has been put on the farmer, who is least equipped to make the right decision.

There has not been one single solution, that solves for precision, technology & advances in biologicals in an end to end, cohesive, easy to understand and implement manner for the common farmer.

At Absolute, our mission has always been to remove this information asymmetry and democratize a data driven, technology enabled full stack agronomy solution that services the entire value chain from Seeds to Market.

The crux of the solution lies in data, farm specific data that is leverage by Absolute's iGrow system, a universal Farming OS, that is modular and dynamically adapts to any growing condition across 63 different crops & growing. iGrow acts as a central nervous system for Absolute's full stack offering, collecting, analysing and adjusting to data to individually tailor solutions for each farm, across each stage of the crop cycle.

Absolute's full stack agronomy solution starts at the very basic soil and water tests and starts collecting farm level data from the very beginning. This helps it build the farm profile at the start of the cycle and then again at the end of the cycle, giving valuable insight into changes to soil fertility. This also acts as a valuable information for deep traceability of the produce. Thereafter, Absolute's systems keep collecting data and build upon this data to provide precise recommendations on seeds selection, treatment, sowing timings, techniques all the way into continuously optimising growing conditions by relying on crop recipes, day after day after day in the form of easy to implement daily task lists.

This full stack approach ensures that each individual farm is equipped to respond to its own individual needs and in a cohesive, consistent manner, with the ability to dynamically adjust to any changes or respond to solutions that are not working. This leads to dramatically better yields, grade, texture and taste of the produce.

A full stack approach is the only way to truly democratize access to the latest in technology, biologicals, fertilizers and agronomy for the farmers - without them having to experiment a lot - leaving them more time to be productive and prosper.

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