World's Most Economical Vertical Farms

Vertical Farms


2nd October, 2020

World's Most Economical Vertical Farms

With world population estimated to reach 10 billion by 2050, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization indicates an alarming fact: the amount of available arable land will decrease to only one-third of the amount that was available in 1970. Since climate change is expected to increase drastically over the next few years, we will see more cases of intensifying droughts,heat stress, and damage to ecosystems that will only further act as a hindrance in our ability to produce food in order to feed the billions of people that exist on our planet. Traditional agricultural techniques are not as efficient or sustainable as they should be - Agriculture consumes 80 percent of freshwater and produces 24 percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, pesticide and chemical fertiliser use causes runoff that pollutes soil and water bodies.

Vertical farming has the potential to significantly increase food production while reducing the environmental footprint of the agricultural sector by reducing land, water, chemical, and fertilizer use and increasing overall efficiency. While the environmental benefits are well documented, the economic feasibility of vertical farming is the key barrier.

For vertical farming to be a viable alternative for the masses, both the capital as well as the operating costs must come down. On the Capex side, structures, lights and automation systems are the major costs while energy is the single most important opex parameter.

Absolute in it's early days built India's first vertical farm in the heart of the capital New Delhi. Over the years of development, Absolute pioneered photo science research in the country. From designing energy efficient custom LEDs to finding the right spectrum for specific plants, we have done it all. And further topped it up by designing custom solutions for automating most processes within the farm, save for sowing & harvesting. As an outcome, Absolute's vertical farms are about 1/4th of global average on Capex and about 1/5th on Opex costs. Coupled with our path breaking iGrow system, that dynamically & automatically adjusts Crop Recipes for 63 different crops, Absolute's vertical farms are one of the most efficient in the world - in terms of optimal use of capital & energy as well as expanding to a wide grow basket.

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